Good Vibes

Our 'Good Vibes' initiative is simple. It is all about giving back. Each and every purchase is your vote ~ for the people and the planet.

Drifting Sol pledge 10% of all online sales directly to charitable causes out there making a difference. We profile Drifting Sol ‘Ambassadors’ from our community and they decide where we funnel the 10% of funds toward. What makes an Ambassador? Everyday ‘salt of the earth’ humans, making a choice to live their lives in a way that personifies the Drifting Sol ethos ~ authentic, conscious and soulful living.

Here you will find a profile on each individual Drifting Sol ‘Ambassador’ and details on the movement that they have chosen for the Drifting Sol community to contributed towards. Click through and check out the good vibes of these conscious champions and their charities of choice; and a sneak peak into their lives and the positive impact they are having on the world.

Project Clean Uluwatu & Pat Reardon

Bali, Indonesia

Hillary Trust Fund & Bede Carmine

Nepal, The Himalayas