You’re a surfer, adventurer, wanderer, dreamer, creative, traveler… or somewhere in between.

We know you as a Drifter.

And we also know that part of you that understands no matter how far you wander, surf, sail or sojourn, there will always be a desire to continue exploring the unknown.

We feel it too.


We are often asked – What is Drifting Sol? Well fellow drifters, the answer lies in what it means to you. Much like the definition of adventure ~ an exciting and bold action, of an uncertain outcome ~ we aim to embrace the mystique of the unknown and have an epic time doing it.


 We love seeing our brand celebrated by all those living an authentic lifestyle, swingin’ to the beat of their own tunes… Our drifting comrades who stand in their element, living it large, heart expanded ~ spreading the good vibes wherever they roam. It is this infectious authenticity that defines what we make and create.


Whilst wandering the globe you’ve probably noticed a common thread; large corporates not making a positive impact on the people or planet around them, and losing the soul of what they originally set out to achieve. We noticed too.


 With a deep appreciation for the ocean and adventure, Drifting Sol was born as a counter culture community to those looking for a conscious style of living.


 We know that it only takes one person to make a change, but we’ve seen what the power of a village can do. Or in our case a conscious community dedicated to our Good Vibes initiative.


We like to feed the soul. Not only exploring the outer ‘islands’ of life, but also nurturing the inner vibes of our psyche. Asking ourselves the big questions whilst celebrating everyone’s innate journey of self-exploration.

Authentic. Conscious. Soul-full.

Our mission is to be a living and evolving brand of inspiration, a platform to plug into products and services suited to a soul-full style of living.