Why are we tipping the hat (and 10% of sales) to Project Clean Uluwatu (PCU)? What does this cause mean to you? These guys have taken something that concerns all ocean enthusiasts in Bali, localised it to their favourite break, and just went out there and made it happen with the support of the local community. That is about as good as it gets for me. And Ulu’s is a special one for me for a number of reasons… My wife and I honeymooned on the hill; it was the first wave I ever surfed in Indo; and the first spot I lost skin getting dragged along an Indo reef (shortly after my first wave in Indo!). To think that the Drifting Sol community can contribute in some way to helping PCU keep the Uluwatu water clean is a no brainer for me.

What does Drifting Sol mean to you? Drifting Sol is the celebration of all aspects of my life from which I draw energy ~ the people I meet, the environments I explore, and the cultures I experience on my adventures. These experiences have led me towards a natural, simple, and sustainable lifestyle; and I hope to fuse this into a story to share and inspire others.

What’s your day job? My wife and I own and operate a detox, health and wellness retreat centre in Bali called Natural Instinct Healing. It’s a space for people form all works of life to come and chill, get rid of the shit in their lives that no longer serves them, and get back in touch with their soul. It’s a rad job to watch people break down paradigms and re-discover themselves!

Do you have a session that stands out as your most memorable?
Ant Farms, West Java… We managed to jag a local boat around to a local bombie as everything else was closing out. The bombie wasn’t really working so we crept into the bay a little further… We all spotted this thing reeling off but didn’t know whether it was surfable. Thank christ Paul Morgan was onboard; who jumped straight off and got proper shacked on his first wave. Got the best barrel of my life that day. And one of the biggest beltings. Good times!

What are you riding at the moment? Joel Beck Surfboards 5’8 x 19 1/4 x 2 1/4 – and playing around on my custom Alaia that a mate and I hand shaped under the tutelage of the legendary Tom Wegener!